How to set up subgroups

This help guide is for Super Admins, who are the only ones that can create groups. If you are a Group Admin and would like to add subgroups to your group, please ask a Super Admin to create the groups for you or grant you Super Admin privileges. 

The 3 Group Levels 

  1. Top-Level Group
  2. Mid-Level Group 
  3. Bottom-Level Group 

To create a new subgroup: 

1. Click the โ€˜ Manage groupsโ€™ button at the very bottom of the lefthand sidebar.

2. A gray โ€˜Manage your groupsโ€™ column will appear to the right. You can then click 'new group' to create your future subgroups. 

To make an existing group a subgroup of another group or make it a top-level group:

  1. Click the ellipsis icon to the right-hand side of the group name.
  2. Select the group you wish to make it a subgroup of or select 'Make this a top-level group'.

Deleting Subgroups

  1. Click on that Group in the column on the left (*note: you are not in 'Manage Groups' mode when deleting a group).
  2. Click on the gray cogwheel icon in the top-right hand corner of the page. Then, click Group Settings and a pop-up window will appear and the trashcan icon in the bottom left corner deletes the group.

What happens when I delete subgroups?

If you delete a Top-Level Group, the Mid-Level Groups, and any Bottom-Level Groups simply move to the top of your list of groups on the sidebar.

If you delete a Mid-Level Group or Bottom-Level Group, you are asked if you wish to delete the subgroup but keep members subscribed to parent groups OR delete the subgroup and also remove members from the parent groups. 

If a Mid-Level Group that is deleted had Bottom-Level Groups assigned to it, those Bottom-Level Groups are bumped up to Mid-Level Groups.

Additional Subgroup Information

  • You can have unlimited Mid-Level Groups under a single Top-Level Group and you can have unlimited Bottom-Level Groups under a single Mid-Level Group.
  • If you make a Top-Level Group or a Mid-Level Group Closed or Hidden, then all subgroups of that group that do not already have a stricter privacy setting will also become Closed or Hidden.
  • To rearrange existing subgroups, click, hold, and drag the handles icon (looks like up and down arrows) to the far right-hand side of the group name. This will allow you to reorder groups within the same subgroup hierarchy or to reorder subgroup hierarchies with each other.

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