Using Flocknote for Online Giving

While Flocknote does not have an "online giving" feature per se, there are a couple of simple and effective ways to send an email or text to your members to give them an easy way to give to your church online. Read on to learn more!

Text to give: setting up giving through Text-to-Join (TTJ)

It doesn't get easier than this, folks! You can set a Welcome Text Message to be sent out automatically when a member uses TTJ to join your network or a group in your network. 

  1. Create a unique keyword for your network or a specific group within your network. For example, text GIVEHCC to 84576.
  2. Set up your "Welcome Text Message" and within it, include a link to your online Giving page. You can set your Welcome Text within the settings for the group or network.
  3. Ask your members to text your keyword to 84576. Then, they'll receive the Welcome Text Message by default, with the link to give.
  4. Watch this video to see exactly how this would work.

Using a Smart Button to accept donations 

Another option is to simply send out an email with a Smart Button and link it to your giving platform/site. (You can also send a simple text with a link to your online giving platform!) When members click on the button, they'll be taken to the page where they can give online.

Like always, if you have any questions, you can reach us at 🤓

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