Fund It Pricing & Billing

No wool pulled over your eyes here! 🐑

Fund It can be enabled on an existing Flocknote network. If you haven't yet, get started for FREE at and view Flocknote's full pricing info here. Regardless of whether you are on a free plan, paid plan, or have any additional add-on subscriptions or not, you can add Fund It to your network and start collecting payments today – all at no added cost to your Flocknote subscription!

$0 monthly fees. $0 setup fees. No contracts. Fund It pricing is straightforward: just an industry-standard 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (or 1.1% + $0.30 for ACH).

These fees will be automatically deducted from the total given amount at the time of payment and the resulting total will be reflected in your WePay account. Rest assured, your members are only responsible for the allotted amount they agree to give on their end at the time of payment; we do not charge them any additional fees. View the full terms and conditions.

A note about chargebacks: In full transparency, there may be instances in which a member gives and then disputes the reflected charge on their statement (they forgot they gave or do not recognize the charge, for example). If this occurs, your account will be subject to $15.00 per chargeback (in addition to the amount of the chargeback) automatically debited from your WePay account. Learn more about chargebacks here.

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