Does it cost anything to use Flocknote?

Flocknote is totally FREE for regular members to join a church or organization's network and subscribe to groups and participate fully in them. There is, however, a cost for a church, ministry, team, or organization to set up their own network on Flocknote. If your church or organization adds less than 40 members to the Flocknote network, your network is FREE forever. If your church or organization goes over that 40 member limit, you can move to one of our pricing tiers. Find our pricing tiers via a handy pricing tool at Simply enter your estimated number of members and it'll give you the monthly price. 👍

Flocknote pricing is based on the number of members in your network. Regardless of the number of members you have (whether under 40 and free or over 40 and paid), all emails and standard texts are completely unlimited!

Enable our Online & Mobile giving features at no extra cost!

With Flocknote, you’ve got the power to reach your members at a moment’s notice where they’re already at – in their inboxes and on their phones. Now with our secure payment processing, you can safely and securely raise funds via email and text too! We’ve intentionally built our online giving tool to be the easiest & safest way to give and receive payments for churches and ministries with all-inclusive features:

  • Text-to-Give
  • Reply-to-Give
  • Unlimited fund setup
  • Unique giving pages for each fund + a main landing page that includes all funds
  • Smart Buttons
  • Recurring giving 🤩
  • ...and more!

Learn more HERE.

Supercharge your network with our all-in-one software solution, Flocknote Complete (formerly Flocknote People)

Flocknote Complete is an all-in-one software solution now available for a flat-rate price of $75 / month (no matter the size of your church.) With Flocknote Complete you can:

  • Keep track of more important information about your members with unlimited custom profile fields
  • Allow members to sign up their entire household to your Church with Family and Visitor Registration
  • Organize family members in household groupings
  • Connect communications between children and their parents with Proxy-Contacts
  • Track your church's giving with exportable data and automatic tax receipts
  • Raise funds quicker than ever with campaigns and pledge tracking
  • Track attendance, sacrament prep, and more with our supercharged spreadsheet feature called Boards
  • ...and so much more! See a full list of features Here!

We also have these completely optional add-ons: 

Text-to-Join: Text-to-Join keywords allow your members to simply text a keyword and be instantly joined to your network! All Flocknote Starter networks get one FREE Text-to-Join keyword and networks with Flocknote Complete get five freeText-to-Join keywords! Additional keywords are optional and are $5 / month per keyword. 

Phone calls: Have some members that prefer phone calls or only have landlines? You can now send your notes as phone calls as needed. Calls are $0.09 / call per person. 

SuperTexting: A SuperText is any text message that is longer than 160 characters OR includes an image OR both! To keep Flocknote church-budget friendly, we offer SuperTexting as an optional add-on feature. SuperTexting credit packages can be purchased and used as needed. And guess what -- the credits never expire! Plus, we start every network off with 100 FREE credits so that you can give it a whirl! 🥳Rest assured, the standard texts (texts without pictures and under 160 characters) are still unlimited and included as part of your monthly Flocknote pricing.

Click here to view a pricing comparison between Flocknote Starter and Flocknote Complete!

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