Does it cost anything to use Flocknote?

Flocknote is totally FREE for people to join a church or organization's Network and subscribe to Groups and participate fully in them. There is a cost for a church, ministry, team or organization to set up their own Network on Flocknote, though. If your church or organization has less than 40 members, your network is FREE. If your church or organization goes over that 40 member limit, you can move to one of our pricing tiers. Find our pricing tiers here: (they are also detailed below).

Our pricing is based on the number of members in your network that you'll be sending emails and text messages to. There are no limits on the number of text messages and emails that you can send.

Flocknote also manages a few Study Programs that are free of charge and open to the public. If you would like more info about those projects click here.

Are there any additional costs?

Besides your monthly pricing tier payment that's based on your member count (see pricing tiers below), the only additional cost would be for extra Text-to-Join keywords and phone calls, should you choose to use those feature. 

Text-to-join allows your members to text a unique keyword of your choosing from their phone and get connected to your church or organization on Flocknote. Each network gets one free text-to-join keyword. Additional keywords are $4/month. Those extra keywords can be added or dropped at any time. Phone calls cost $0.09 each.

Unlike other tools, our pricing is based off our your member count and there is no limit on the number of text messages and emails you can send.

Pricing Tiers

0 - 40 Members - Free for life!

41 - 50 Members - $7/month

51 - 70 Members - $13/month

71 - 100 Members - $19/month

101 - 200 Members - $31/month

201 - 400 Members - $43/month

401 - 600 Members - $55/month

601 - 900 Members - $67/month

901 - 1250 Members - $79/month

1251 - 1750 Members - $91/month

1751 - 2300 Members - $103/month

2301 - 2900 Members - $115/month

2901 - 3250 Members - $128/month

3251 - 3800 Members - $140/month

3801 - 4400 Members - $152/month

4401 - 5000 Members - $164/month

Need to an even larger tier? No problemo - just shoot us an email with your expected member count and we'll get a pricing tier back to you in a jiffy!

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