Using Phone Calls in Flocknote

Flocknote offers a Phone Call feature that calls members who have a phone number on file, but are not opted in to receive emails or texts (typically this would be someone with only a landline phone number on file).

To get started,  enable phone calls by clicking the More button in the top left corner (the gray button with 3 dots on it) and select the Billing section. Once the Billing popup appears, check the Enable phone call messaging checkbox and click Done

Select the checkbox to enable phone call messaging. 

Once phone calls are enabled, when you open up your note composer you will now have the option to call members who are not opted in to receive email or text messages. This checkbox is found at the bottom of the note composer when clicking on the Delivery button, to the right of the Schedule button.

Flocknote automatically recognizes any members that only have a landline phone number in their member profile in the group. You then have the option to see how many members will receive the note via phone call, and how much the total message will cost ($.09 per member). You can also listen to the message before sending the note by clicking on the speaker icon located to the right of the call members checkbox. Once you check the option to call your members and send the note, your members will receive the phone call!

Email your friendly Happiness Engineers for any questions regarding phone calls at

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