What is a prepayment and how do I make one?

Tired of managing monthly payments? Did you know you can pay in advance for Flocknote? You even get $5 in bonus credit for every $100 you prepay (saving you ~5%), it's true!

What is a prepayment?

A prepayment in Flocknote allows you to pay upfront for several months of Flocknote usage. The great news is that for every $100 prepaid, we'll give you an additional $5 in bonus credit. The prepayment will be posted as a credit to your account. Each month when you are billed, we will simply deduct the amount owed from the credit you have remaining. Your remaining credit will be listed on your monthly invoice and will also be visible at any time (to anyone with Billing Admin privileges) inside of the Billing section in the More menu. 

A couple notes--prepayments are non-refundable, and networks with an outstanding balance are unable to make a prepayment until the balance is $0.

How do I make a prepayment?

If you pay by credit card every month..
1. Log in to Flocknote and select the '---' More button and then select Billing

2. Select the green Prepay button.

3. Choose the amount you'd like to prepay or enter a custom amount. 

4. Select the Make Payment button and the charge will be processed and the corresponding credit will be applied to your account.

If you pay by check every month...
Shoot our team an email at help@flocknote.com and we can create a custom invoice for you for the amount you'd like to prepay.


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