How do I upgrade to the next pricing tier?

If your church or organization has less than 40 members, your network is FREE. If your church or organization goes over that 40 member limit, you move to one of our pricing tiers. Click here to find our pricing tiers.

The first time you attempt to send a note after going above 40 members, you will be prompted to input your credit card information. After adding the information, you will be able to successfully send your note. From this point on,  you will receive an invoice 1 time each month.

When adding members to your church or organization's Flocknote page after you have added your credit card information,  you will automatically be moved up in pricing tiers. When this occurs, you will receive an email notifying you and a prorated charge for the next pricing tier will be added to your next bill (so you will not receive more than one invoice each month). If you reduce your member count and fall into a lower pricing tier, the billing will be also updated automatically and you will see that reflected for the upcoming billing period. 

Our pricing is based on the number of members in your network that you'll be sending emails and text messages to. There are no limits on the number of text messages and emails that you can send, no matter if your network is free or which pricing tier you fall into.

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