How do I move from a free plan to a paid plan? How do I move between pricing tiers?

We built our prices with church budgets in mind which is why all of our plans offer UNLIMITED text messages and UNLIMITED emails with 1 FREE Text-to-Join keyword. No contracts. No locked-in pricing - It's that easy!

If your church or organization subscribes to the Flocknote Starter subscription and adds less than 40 members to your Flocknote network, your network is FREE forever. If your church or organization goes over that 40-member limit and you have added a payment method on file, you automatically move to one of our pricing tiers. Regardless of the number of members you add (whether under 40 and free or over 40 and paid), all emails and standard texts are still completely unlimited!

Adding members to your Flocknote network is quick and easy! You can add members by hand or import a list of members using our handy Import feature. 

The first time you attempt to send a note after going above 40 members, you will be prompted to input your debit/credit card information. After doing so, you will be charged based on the tier you have moved into, and you will be able to send your note. From this point on, you will receive a monthly statement. 

After you've upgraded to a paid plan, you can add or remove members as needed and we'll automatically adjust your billing to reflect the pricing tier you fall into. 👍 

  • If you add enough members to upgrade to a higher pricing tier, you will receive an email notifying you, and a prorated charge for the next pricing tier will be added to your next bill (so you will not receive more than one invoice each month). 
  • If you reduce your member count and fall into a lower pricing tier, the billing will be also updated automatically and you will see that reflected for the upcoming billing period.

Find the breakdown of pricing for our Flocknote Starter and Flocknote Complete subscriptions as well as our optional add-ons at

Need to pay by check instead?

Simply email and we'll update your account to reflect that. You will still receive an invoice monthly and can mail in a check each month. You can also make a prepayment via check. We highly recommend prepayments as they help you avoid writing and tracking down multiple checks. Simply mention in your email that you'd like to make a prepayment as well and we can set you up with a customized invoice. 👍

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