How do I use the note composer?

Our note composer has a lot of new, wonderful things for you! We have a snazzy training video  here, but we've provided a handy step-by-step below, as well.

To get started, click on your blue Write a Note button. The first change you will see is this -

You'll want to click the type of note you're looking write, then click the down arrow to select the group to which you'll send the note. Then, press Go.

If you select Blank Email, your screen will look like this -

Here's what each of the numbers indicate:

1. Give your email a subject!

2. Here your group name is displayed. If you've changed your mind and want to send it to a different group, simply click on the group name and you can select a different group.

3. Every email is automatically equipped with a single section and a text box. Clicking on the gray text (denoting the text box) will show a toolbar similar to the one on our older composer.

4. Here you can move your text box (or other modules) by clicking and holding the 4 arrows icon. You can also delete the text box you are working on and start over by clicking the trash can.

5. These are the controls you have for each section. Clicking the plus sign will show all the items you can add to your note. The gray cogwheel will allow you to format the section in one or two columns, or change the section's background color. 

6. Click here to add a new section to your note. This is ideal if you would like to format different sections of your note differently (like having just one section be two columns, or changing the background color of a portion of your note).

7. Click here to turn public comments on or off.

8. Click here to schedule your note to go out at a later time.

9. Click here to customize the delivery of the note for those members who do not have email addresses on file.

10. Click here to send yourself a test.

11. Click here to save your draft and keep working.

12. Once you're done, you'll click here to preview and send your draft! Once you like the preview, click the 'send' (or schedule if you've scheduled your note) button and your note will be of!

** Did you accidentally delete something? We now have an 'undo' button that appears right after you delete something from your note. If you do delete something accidentally, look for the undo button in the top right corner and click on it to have your deleted information appear.

If you have any questions please contact a Happiness Engineer at  :)

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