How do I change the color/theme of my note? Can I make a template specific to my church?


VIDEO 1: How to Create a Custom Theme
How to Create a Custom Color Palette
VIDEO 2: How to Create & Save Templates

How do I create a custom theme?

How do I create a custom color palette/set of colors?

To create a custom color palette, click on any paintbrush icon within the note composer to choose your color. (Hint: if you have a specific HEX code, you can type that in to find the color quickly!)

Once you select a color, it'll be added to your "Recently used" colors. To find those, click on the arrow icon to the left of the Flocknote colors palette. From there, hover over a recently used click and a plus icon will appear. Click that and voila! The color will be added to your color palette for your church.

How do I make a template specific to my church that other admins can use?

I'm glad you asked because now you can! Check out this Quick Tip to see how our Templates feature works.

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