How do I change the color/theme of my note? Can I make a template specific to my church?

How do I create a custom theme? 

How do I create a custom color palette/set of colors? 

How do I make a template specific to my church that other admins can use? 

As it turns out, we do not currently offer the ability to select a set template for your church or organization -- we're so sorry about that! 

However, you can view the steps in the videos above to make a perfectly formatted draft with your church's specific colors/theme/images. Simply leave the note as an empty, sitting draft in your various groups and then you (or other admins) can go to those groups, see the draft, duplicate it (click HERE to learn how) and continue editing the note before sending it off. 

By following these steps, admins can customize the message of the note, while still retaining the church's specific colors/theme/images. 👍

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