How can I get a member's complete info when they only partially sign up?

Sometimes your members join your network and for whatever reason, they don't provide all of their info (like their full name). Or perhaps you've imported a list of contacts in the past, but now you need to add more info (like their address) for End Of Year Tax Summaries. Read on for a couple of options to update your lists easily.

Please note: All Flocknote profiles support email addresses, phone numbers, and names. Additional custom profile fields (like addresses, shirt size, sacramental records, etc.) are exclusive to networks subscribed to Flocknote Complete. If you would like to learn more, click here. 🎉

To prompt members to provide info on their end:

1. Create a new hidden group called "Incomplete Registration" (or something along those lines). 

2. Use the Filter and Bulk Action Tool to search for members with incomplete information (you can do this within any group you are an admin for). You can also make this as simple or as detailed as you need. 

For example, if you just want to update the names on file, try Filter > Personal Info > First Name > Does not have a first name + OR + Personal Info > Last Name > Does not have a last name. You can use the and/or options within the filter to make it more detailed to hone in on the folks you want.

3. Once you've honed in on your members missing the info you're looking for, click the purple Action button to add them to a group and then select the "Incomplete Registration" group. 

4. Now, you can send a note to that group with a Smart Button. Simply set the button's settings to Update Contact Info (anyone who clicks on that button will instantly be taken to their Flocknote profile). In the body of your message, ask them to take 2 minutes to click the button and update any missing information, like name, email address, cell number OR once they are on their profile they can click the Info tab for all the custom profile fields you've set up (like address, shirt size, etc.)

As members complete their registration, you can remove them from the group. You can always add new folks to the group and resend the request note every few months to those who have incomplete info. 

To add/import info on your end:

If you already have the members' missing info in another database or resource, you can repeat the process above ↑ to hone in on members and add them to a group OR simply locate the group you're wanting to update and start from there. Then, instead of sending them a message to update their info, you can simply update it on your own via a quick import.  

1. First, export the group to a spreadsheet.

2. Update that spreadsheet with the missing information and then save it as an .xls or .csv file. 

3. Import that updated spreadsheet back into the same group. Voila! Your list is now updated with the added information.

Have any questions or need help with importing? Contact the Flocknote Happiness Engineers! We'll be more than happy to help! 😊

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