How can I get a member's complete info when they only partially sign up?

Sometimes, you'll notice that your members might join your network and for whatever reason, not provide all of their info--particularly their name. Here's how you can try to capture that info...

  1. Create a new hidden group called "Incomplete Registration," or something along those lines. (What is a hidden group? How do I create one?)
  2. Using the filter and bulk action tool (How do I use the filter and bulk action tool?), search for your members with incomplete information. For example, "those who don't have a name." and bulk add the members to the new group

Now, you can send a note to that group with your network’s URL and ask them to take 30 seconds to complete their sign-up! 

Another option is to use our button feature and include a button in an email that members can click to be directed to the proper place to complete their registration. Easy peasy!

As members complete their registration, you can remove them from the group, and resend the request note every few months to those who do not have all of their information.

If you have any additional questions about this, please email your Happiness Engineers at

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