How do I import my contacts into Flocknote?

    To import your members to Flocknote, you'll want to have a spreadsheet that contains their names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It can either be an excel spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx) or a .csv file. If you have separate spreadsheets for email addresses and phone numbers, you will want to combine the contact information into one spreadsheet - that way, each member will just have one account in Flocknote that contains both their email address and cell phone number.

    Learn the proper way to format your spreadsheet for easy import HERE! Once you have your properly formatted spreadsheet ready: 

    1. Log in to Flocknote and select the name of a group from the column on the left

    2. Select the People tab.

    3. Select Import.

    4. Click the arrow button to browse to the saved file on your computer and upload it.

    5. On the window that appears, assign the correct label to each column (make sure the column that contains emails is labeled as Email and not name or phone, etc.)

    6. Click the  Go button. The contacts will import to your Group and you are all set!

    Here are a few handy tips when doing an import:

    • If you can, it's best to upload your contacts by group, instead of uploading them to the everyone list and then moving them around. 
    • The import feature is smart enough to weed out duplicates. If someone is on your spreadsheet with the same email or phone 3 or 4 times, the system is smart enough to skip over them and make sure they are only added once.
    • Similarly, if you import a contact to a group that is already on file with another group, the system won't duplicate them, it will just pull up their existing record.

    Stuck? Email your spreadsheet to us at and let us know the group you are working with and we'll help you get things imported :)

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