How do I format my spreadsheet for importing members into my group?

The key to a successful import is formatting your spreadsheet properly! Your spreadsheet should be very simple--here's how we recommend doing it.

You'll need either a .csv or .xls file, and the only columns that should be on the spreadsheet include: 

  • Name (you can either have a separate column for first and last name, or you can keep full names in one column)
  • Email address...
  •  ...and/or phone number. 

Easy peasy!

You can import a member even if you only have their phone number or email address--however, you need at a minimum a phone number or email address to add a member to your network. 

Important note: You are not able to import multiple email addresses or phone numbers for a single member--one member equals one unique email address and/or one unique phone number. On occasion, we'll see spreadsheets with columns "Phone number 1" and "Phone number 2," for example. If a member has more than one email address or phone number, you'll need to add a new row on the spreadsheet, as opposed to having two phone number or email address columns. Because one member equals one unique phone number and one unique email address, you'll want to add the member's second email address and/or phone number on a separate row, treating it like a separate member. You can read more about this in the articles linked below. 

As always, you can email your friendly Happiness Engineers at if you'd like us to take a peek at your spreadsheet and make sure everything looks A-OK before importing. 

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