Can multiple members have the same contact information? Can I put more than one email/phone number on a profile?

For the Flocknote Starter subscription, a specific email address and/or a specific phone number can only be attached to one profile, and so separate member profiles cannot share the same contact info. However, we do offer a workaround:

  • If a family shares an email address, but each family member has a separate cell phone number (or vice versa), there are a couple of options. 
    • One option is to create one profile for the family that contains only the email address and subscribe that profile to all groups the family members wish to receive messages from. Then, create separate profiles for each family member that only contain their cell phone numbers. Each family member can join just the groups they individually want to receive messages from. 
    • Another option is to simply add that email address to just one of the family member's profiles and ensure they are subscribed to any groups all family members wish to receive messages from. Then, the additional family members can have profiles with only their cell phone numbers.

Need to add additional points of contact for your members? As an exclusive feature for networks with our all-in-one solution Flocknote Complete (formerly Flocknote People), you can now add up to 5 additional points of contact to members' profiles and these can be shared between multiple members! 🎉 Please note that these additional/shared contact points are for record-keeping purposes only, and the main contact info on file for communication must be unique to each profile. Learn more and start a free 30-day trial HERE!

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