How do I know if contact info is verified? What are those little green check marks on my contacts list?

How do I know if my members' contact info is verified?

It's simple -- they'll have little green check marks next to them in your contacts list! If a member is missing these green checkmarks, this means they could also be missing out on your notes. 

Before a member can receive emails or texts, we need to verify their information is correct. There are two ways that this happens:

  • If an Admin adds a member, this information will automatically be verified. 
  • If a member signs up through Text-to-Join or your vanity URL, they will be sent an email to verify their information before they can receive email notes.

Why does contact info go unverified?

  • Unverified email addresses are caused by spelling errors/typos or when notes to this address bounce back a couple of times consecutively (usually marked by the member's email provider as junk/spam).
  • Unverified phone numbers are caused by false numbers/typos.
  • Both can be caused by multiple members attempting to share the same contact info. For more on shared info, click HERE.
Here's the lowdown: After you send an email note, it leaves Flocknote and reaches each individual member's email provider. Sometimes these email providers get it wrong and mistakenly mark these notes as junk/spam. Though rare, this is simply the nature of how email providers work (bummer, we know). After this happens twice, the email address will go unverified in Flocknote.     

Can I see when emails have bounced? 

Yes! Select the group you sent the email note to, select the note, and then click the Note Analytics section. Please note that if no emails have bounced, the 'Bounces' tab will not appear -- this is good news! 

How do I reverify contact info that has gone unverified? 

If you see a 'Verify Email' button on the member's profile or below their email address, click it to verify them -- all done! 

If you do not see this:

  1. Once on the 'People' page of a group that the member is a part of, click on the name of the member to pull up their member profile.
  2. Copy the member's email address/phone number, then delete it and click the green checkmark to save.
  3. Click the 'pencil' icon again to edit the email address/phone number and then paste it. 
  4. Select the green checkmark to save.
  5. Refresh your page and you will now see a green checkmark next to their contact info on the people page. All done! 
A note about verifying emails: while you can certainly verify an email address on your end, there is sometimes an underlying issue that causes it to go unverified again. This is usually because a member’s email address has been put on a ‘Do Not Mail’ list by their email provider after they mistakenly mark your notes as junk/spam or emails bounce a couple of times. If you notice email addresses that repeatedly go unverified, reach out to us at where we have the tools to get that taken care of for you! Also, the next steps are super helpful!

What can I (as an Admin) do to prevent contact info from going unverified in the future?

  • Double-check that any unverified emails are correct (don't have typos) and are up-to-date.  
  • Have your members add to their address book. For instructions, click HERE.
  • Have your members routinely double-check their junk/spam folders and mark your email notes as 'not junk'. 
  • Send your members an opt-in email so they can confirm their email address which tells their email provider not to mark Flocknote mail as spam. To learn more, click HERE.
  • Clarify with your members that their phone numbers are valid and up-to-date.

Can I view a list of all the unverified emails in my contacts list? 

Yes! To do this, you'll want to use our Filter and Bulk Action tool. For more info, click HERE.

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