What is an opt-in email and why would I send it?

While browsing through member profiles, you may have noticed a gray Send Opt-in Email button. You may not see it on every profile because it is only visible for members who have not confirmed their contact email through Flocknote yet. By sending an opt-in email, you can easily ask a member to confirm their email address and ensure the highest rate of message delivery.

Do I need to send the opt-in email in order for that member to receive notes?

While it is not required, it is recommended if a member has encountered any issues receiving emails recently. It adds an extra line of defense to ensure that the member’s email provider does not mark any of our messages as spam going forward.

Why would I need to send an opt-in email if their email address has a green checkmark next to it?

A green checkmark next to a member's email address indicates that their email address has been verified on Flocknote's end (i.e., our system believes it to be a valid, working email address that has not marked us as spam. Learn more about this with the article at the bottom of the page.) This is great! However, sending an opt-in email is an extra line of defense which requires an action on the member's part and thus helps ensure that the member’s email provider does not mark our messages as spam going forward. While the system is super smart, a real-life person confirming their email is even better!

What do these opt-in emails look like? 

Why would I see both a Verify button + a Send Opt-In Email button?

Seeing this on a member's profile indicates that they may not be receiving your notes. This is because our system detects their email may be bouncing / marking us as spam, and also that the member has not confirmed their email address on their end. We recommend confirming with the member (outside Flocknote) that the contact info you have for them is correct, and then checking out the help guide at the bottom of the page, which explains all about email verifications.

Have any lingering questions? Simply shoot us an email to help@flocknote.com and one of our Happiness Engineers will be happy to help. 👍

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