How can an admin edit a member's contact info?

To edit a member's information:

As a Super Admin, you can edit any member’s contact info in your network,  unless that member is an admin themselves, in either your network or another network. As a Group Admin, you can edit a member’s contact info, but only if they are in a group for which you are an admin and they are not an admin themselves.

  • Start by opening the member's profile. 
  • Click on the group name on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Click on the People tab for the group
  • Type the member's name in the search bar and click on the member's name to open their member profile
  • From here, simply hover next to the email and phone number fields till a pencil icon appears. Click on the pencil icon.
  • Make any changes and click on the save button.

Need to add additional points of contact for your members? As an exclusive feature available only for networks with the Flocknote People add-on subscription, you can now add up to 5 additional points of contact to members' profiles and these can be shared between multiple members! 🎉 Please note that these additional/shared contact points are for record-keeping purposes only, and the main contact info on file for communication must be unique to each profile. Learn more and start a free 30-day trial at

Please note: For standard Flocknote networks without the optional add-on of Flocknote People, a specific email address or a specific phone number can only be attached to one profile, and so separate member profiles cannot share the same contact info. If you attempt to add the same contact info on multiple profiles, it will start the process of merging those two profiles. This can be completed or stopped by an admin before the merge goes through. Learn more about profile merging with the article at the bottom of the page.

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