How do I use the bulk sort and filter feature?

To use the bulk sort and filter feature, click on the People tab, and then click the flashlight filter icon below it. 

You will then have the option to sort your members based on what they contain (or don't contain) in their member profile. Want to know how many of your members don't have an email address on file? Simply click the 'don't have' and select 'email address.' You also have the ability to add additional filters by clicking the green plus icon to the right. This will able you to narrow down your search for more specific criteria.

Once you select your choice, all your members who meet these criteria will show up below. You will then have the option to bulk select these members to: 

  • Remove them from your network
  • Add them to a group
  • Remove them from that particular group (if you are working within a specific group and not in your Everyone group); or
  • Add them to an email, newsletter or text note.

You also have the option to only select a few members out of those that show as matching your filtering by either (1) clicking the check mark off for those who you do not want to include in your bulk action, or (2) by clicking the top check box so that all members are no longer selected, and then selecting those you will like to edit using the bulk action.

If you have any questions, email us at and we'll be happy to help!

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