How to Collect Money Directly on a Signup

Whether you are selling tickets to an event, collecting religious education fees, or fundraising for your youth ministry, collecting money directly on a Signup makes your job easier than ever!

Note: If you have not enabled our online giving features just yet, you will be prompted to add online giving to your Flocknote network before collecting payments with Signups. There are no contracts, monthly fees, or setup fees required and you can get started in minutes! Click here to learn more.

Getting Started

All of your existing and new Signups now have the option to collect payments!

Create a new Signup from scratch by clicking on the Signups & Registration tab on the left-hand side panel. Select the blue Create a new Signup button and start building your Signup from there. For additional help creating a new Signup, check out this handy FAQ.

After selecting your Signup type and choosing a title, you will be asked if/how you would like to collect money on this Signup. (Note: You will not see this option when creating a Volunteer Scheduling Signup). If you do not wish to collect money with this particular Signup, select the bubble next to Make it free to sign up to skip the next steps and begin adding items to your Signup.

If you do wish to collect money with this Signup, choose here whether you would like to charge your members a fixed amount or ask for a suggested donation.

Either selection will bring you to the Pricing page where you can choose the perfect pricing structure for your needs! Just note that wording here (spot/item/seat/vote) will vary slightly depending on the type of Signup you choose at the beginning of the Signup creation process. In the example below you can choose to Charge per spot OR Charge per household (see descriptions below).

There are two ways to collect funds 'per household.'

  • Charge one price per family (regardless of the number of members)
    • Type in the price you would like households to pay or donate (If you selected "Suggested donation" on the previous page the amount you choose here will be adjustable and optional for your members.) Click Let's Go, and just like that you are ready to begin adding items to your Signup!

  • Use Tiered Pricing to set a unique price for groups of 2,3,4, 5 members, etc.
    • Click Use Tiered Pricing, type in a price, and then, use the (-/+) buttons on the left to adjust the number of spots that fall under that pricing tier. Click the Add a Tier button to add up to 5 pricing tiers to your Signup.
    • Once you have your tiers set, click Let's Go!

Begin Collecting Payments on an Existing Signup

Any existing Signup also has the ability to collect payments! Simply click the Signups & Registration tab on the left-hand side panel, and select your existing Signup from the list in the center panel that appears. (Signups that are already set up to collect payments will have a small "sheep piggy bank" icon to the right of the title.)

From there, select the Take Payments tab at the top of the page and then select the Take Payments with this Signup box.

What if I can't click the Take Payments tab?

This feature is available by default for all Super Admins. Super Admins can enable these permissions manually in the info tab of any Group Admin's profile.

Choosing a fund for the money collected

When you create a brand new Signup or when you check the Take payments with this Signup box  (on the Take Payments tab) on an existing Signup, a new Fund will automatically be created specifically for that Signup. You also have the option to connect the Signup to an existing Fund instead by clicking the down arrow and selecting another fund from the list.

Just like when creating a Signup from scratch, you will have the option to charge your members per spot/item/seat/vote OR per household. If the money that will be collected on this Signup is a donation, be sure to also select the Collect as a suggested donation box as well. If you do not select this box, the funds will be collected as a set fee.

What will my members see?

When opening up a Signup from a Flocknote email/text or by visiting the Signup's unique URL, members will see each item along with the designated fees.

  1. Sign up for spot(s) - As with any Signup, members will simply select the item(s) they want to sign up for, add others with them if applicable, and then click the green Sign Me Up / Sign Us Up button to submit their selection. 

  2. Make a payment - Once your members have reserved their item(s), a total of the amount owed will appear in the top right-hand corner of the page with a green Pay Now button to make their payment. If a member does not click the green button and complete their payment at this time, they will still be signed up for their selected item(s), but they will be listed as unpaid when admins view the list of respondents. They can return to the Signup at any time to make their payment.

  1. Receive confirmation  - Once they have completed the payment process they will see a confirmation page (example below). This will include the total amount paid and a button to review their Signup. A receipt will also be sent to the member's email or phone number on file.

Tracking respondents and payments 

Admins can easily track respondents and payments by returning to the Signup page. On your Flocknote network, click Signups in the dark, lefthand menu, then click the name of the Signup you are looking for.

  1. Click the Items tab
  2. Select the item that you would like to see the respondents for.
  3. Click the Respondents tab in the far right column.
  • If a member made a payment along with their sign-up, PAID will appear next to their name. 
  • Any members that have not yet made their payment will be marked NOT PAID. 

Payments made through Signups also appear in the Giving tab of a member's profile. 

Payment Reminders

Ensure that members make necessary payments by sending out a friendly reminder to those who have signed up but have not made a payment just yet!

  1. Select the Signup Options Tab.
  2. Click the Send payment reminders now button.
  3. Finally, click the Send Reminders button to send an automated reminder to all unpaid members.

Feel free to use this button as many times as needed! Each time, a fresh reminder will be sent to anyone who hasn't paid. A record will also be kept beneath the reminder button, letting you know when previous reminders were sent and by whom.

The reminders will look something like this:

Removing Respondents and Refunding Payments

If you need to remove a member from a Signup item, simply click the small trashcan icon next to their name.

If the member you would like to remove paid for the item through your Signup, you will have the option to refund their payment. Click the green button to remove them and refund their payment or click the red button to remove them without a refund.

How to record payments made outside your Signup

If a member signs up but makes a payment outside of Flocknote (perhaps by bringing cash to the church office) you can mark them as paid manually. Click the "Not Paid" label to update it. Click Yes and the green "Paid" label will now appear next to that respondent's name!

If you have any questions about how to start collecting money with Signups, please reach out to us at – we are always here to help 😃

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