How do I change the 'Sent by' name at the bottom of notes?

This help guide is for all admins that want to adjust the  "sent by" footer at the bottom of email notes. If you're looking to change the name of the sender that appears in the preview of a recipient's inbox and at the top of emails once opened, check out the help guide at the bottom of the page. 

If you are an admin, you've likely noticed a footer at the bottom of your notes that features your picture and 'Sent by (your name)'. Sometimes Admins don't want to be shown as the sender and prefer notes to end with 'Sent by Parish Admin' or 'Sent by Church Secretary',  etc. 

The following options are for Super Admins and Group Admins. If you are a Note Sender, you'll need to use Option #1 or ask a Group Admin or Super Admin to do Option #2 for you. 

Option #1: Change your name on your existing member profile. 

For a full how-to guide on updating contact info, click HERE.

Option #2: Create a second member profile for sending notes.

  1. Add a new member to your network using a completely unique email address and/or phone number with the name and image that you prefer. 
  2. Grant that second member the same privileges as you have. 
  3. Log in as this second member (using the unique email address and/or phone number) when you want to send notes. 
Please note: all comments/replies left when logged in with the email address and/or phone number that has the altered profile will also be shown as from 'Parish Admin' (or whatever you change it to). Since we hide last names for comments/replies, you'll want to put the full title in the first name section to avoid them coming from 'Parish A.' or 'Church S.' 

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