How do I change the "from" name when sending a note?

This help guide is for admins that want to adjust the name of the sender that appears in the preview of a recipient's inbox and at the top of emails once opened. 

If you're looking to change the "sent by" footer at the bottom of your email notes, check out the help guide at the bottom of the page. 

If you are sending a note to an individual, several members, or multiple groups...

You can highlight and type over the "From" section to whatever you prefer: 

If you are sending a note to just ONE group...

The "From" section cannot be changed and will default to the name of the group as it appears on Flocknote. You may consider changing the group name (in the group's settings page) from something vague like "Youth" to "HolyCrossYouth" or "Youth at Holy Cross" so that it is more clear to new members. Please note that this is only an option for Super Admins or Group Admins. If you are a Note Sender, you will need to reach out to a Group Admin or Super Admin to adjust this for you. 

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