Can I change the number or name that texts come from?

When members receive texts (or calls for that matter), the "from" numbers are unique on a group-by-group basis, but they do not change for each message; your members can save the number to their contacts lists (under the name of the group) so they can easily recognize the group sending the message going forward. 

However, when you send a direct text message to an individual, the "from" number will be unique to the admin sending the note. For example, if Larry (an admin) sends a message to Susan (a regular member), Susan can expect direct messages from Larry to be from the same number each time. If Betsy (another admin) sends Susan a message, that will be from a different number than Larry's messages to Susan.

"But I want a local number. How will they know the text is coming from the church the first time I send the text?" 

Great question! While we can't customize those numbers or make them local (bummer, we know), we do have a great workaround... short names! You can shorten the name of your group and type it in before the body of your text. When members receive texts, they will see this short name before the text:

You can adjust this as needed before sending out each text when using the text-version of the note composer. Please note that this short name counts towards your 160 per text character count (or 480 if you're sending a SuperText), so we recommend keeping it as concise as possible. 

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