Sending a Note to Individual Members

NEW! Now you can send a note to a group of individuals based on a bulk filter. Click the link at the bottom of this article for more info. 

As an Admin in Flocknote, you can send your note to individual members with just a few steps. Watch the video below, or follow along with the steps listed beneath the video.

To send a note to individual members:

  1. Login to Flocknote as an Admin and select a group you'd like to send a note to from the left-hand side of the page, followed by either Send an Email or Send a Text
  2. Once the composer opens, click the round plus icon to the left of the group name in the To field
  3. A drop down menu will appear with a list of other available groups and a Person option to search for individual members. Simply click to select the Person option and start typing to search for the desired member. Once they appear, click their name and they will be added to the To field. To remove a member, simply hover over their name and select the X icon that will appear.
  4. Once you've selected all of the members you'd like to send a note to, select the X icon to close the drop down menu.
  5. If you are a Super Admin, the "from" name for the note will default to the name of your network (which is typically your church name). If you are a Group Admin or Note Sender the from name will default to your own name.

    NOTE: The "from" name is editable. Simply click the name to type and edit it.
  6. Finish composing your note and save it as a draft, schedule it, or send it.


How can I tell how many people will receive my note? When you are composing your note, simply select the Delivery button in the bottom toolbar. As you add and remove groups the Delivery pop up will update to include the unique number of recipients along with how the message will be delivered to them.

If someone is already a member of the group and I choose to send the message to them individually while composing the same note, will they get the message multiple times? No, they will only receive the message one time regardless if they are added as an individual recipient and also part of the group you are composing your note to

How do I view a note that I sent to individual members after I send it? After you send your note it will be visible on your Dashboard and your My Notes page. If you also sent the note to a Group, the note will be visible inside of the Group as well.

When I send a text message to an individual member, which phone number will it come from? When you send a text in Flocknote, each group in has its own phone number. This way, when you send a note to that group, it is easily recognizable by your members as it will come from the same number every time. When you send a text message to an individual, the "from" phone from number will be a new unique number. Any time you send text messages to that member as an individual, the texts will continue to come from that same unique phone number.

What happens when I add someone as an individual recipient to a note and they unsubscribe? If someone unsubscribes by replying STOP to your text, or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the bottom of an email, their Notification Preference allowing people to send them notes individually will be turned off. You will still be able to add this member as an individual recipient to a note, but the note will only appear in their 'My Notes' section when they login to Flocknote and it will not be pushed out to them via email or text.  

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