How do I embed the Sign-Up Form on my website?

Make it easy for your members to sign up for your Flocknote network by featuring a sign-up form right on your church website! As soon as they sign up, they'll be instantly added to your network. All you have to do is copy the little snippet of HTML we give you, and paste it right on your website – no computer science degree required! 👍

To find the embeddable sign-up form code for the "Everyone" group:

  1. Click the More menu button (It's a gray button labeled with ...).
  2. Select Social & Sharing.
  3. Click the gray "Add a signup form to my website" button at the bottom of the popup box.
  4. Copy and paste the HTML code on your church website. Not sure how? We recommend reaching out to the IT person at your church or whoever creates your website. 

These sign-up forms are also available for each of your individual groups as well. 

1. Click on the group name from the left-hand sidebar. 
2. Click the gray "cogwheel" icon in the top right-hand corner. 
3. Select Social & Sharing from the dropdown. 

Do I need multiple sign-up forms? Why would I need one for an individual group?

If you use the sign-up form for the "Everyone" group, your members will automatically be added to your Flocknote network and will be asked if they want to join the other available groups within your network. When in doubt, use this sign-up form! But if you want your members to be automatically joined to an individual group in particular (in addition to the "Everyone" group), then you can use the sign-up form for that individual group. They will still be able to join other groups, but this method ensures they are added to the individual group you prefer all members be added to. (For example, a Youth Pastor might share this sign-up form on the Youth Section of the website so that the teens get joined to the Youth Events Group automatically.)

Have more questions? Reach out to your friendly Happiness Engineers at :) 

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