Downloadable Signup Flyers & Launch Cards

Need a signup flyer to print and hand out to your members at your next event or to stuff in the bulletin? Or launch cards to quickly gather members' contact info? Keep reading below to find how to download these customized graphics at any time when logged into Flocknote! P.S. Find more digital and print resources at👍

To find these downloadable graphics:

1. Select the Everyone group from the lefthand sidebar. 
2. Select the grey "cogwheel" icon. 
3. Select the Texting Settings option from the dropdown. Once a text-to-join keyword has been added, you can scroll to see the buttons to download these graphics. Please note that it may take a few minutes for the page to load and for the download to begin

4. Once downloaded, you can take the files to a printing place of your choosing (whether in person or online) and print as many as you need. 👍

An Important Note

This Texting Settings section for the "Everyone" group (in image above) is where you'll find the vanity URL and text-to-join keyword for your entire network, which is the main info you'll want to share with members to help them join. When in doubt, download and share the graphics in this section!

However, if you want to have your members join your network + automatically be joined to a particular group (in addition to the "Everyone" group), you can download and share the graphics from  that specific group's Texting Settings Page if there is a keyword assigned to that group. For more information on text-to-join keywords, check out the articles at the bottom of the page. ↓

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