Member Resource: How do I view my EOY Donor Summary for Taxes

If your Church uses Flocknote for Online and Mobile Giving or as its main database, you can easily find and download your end-of-year donor summary for taxes directly from your profile.

To do this, simply click the my info button at the bottom of any email they send out.

From there, you'll open up a new window in your browser with your Flocknote profile. Select the Giving tab to view your giving information and tax statements.

At the bottom of that tab, you'll see a section called Donor Summaries for Taxes. Finally, click on the summary that you'd like to have automatically downloaded to your computer.

That's it! Your document will be in the downloads folder on your computer or another folder that you've designated.

Note: Churches usually generate those end-of-year donor summaries in January. If you do not see your statement, reach out to an admin at your Church who can give you more information.

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