Adjusting Network Security Settings

At Flocknote, we take network security very seriously! As a Super Admin, you can easily manage and customize your security settings in just a few clicks.

To get started, select the "---" button from the left-hand sidebar on your dashboard. From there, select Security. It should look like this:

A menu will appear with a variety of security features (see below). You can select as many of these options as needed depending on the needs of your church or organization.

  • Protect Signup Forms From Bots - This will add a Recaptcha check to your signup forms to verify a user is not a spam bot. 
  • What are bots?

    There are good bots and bad bots 🤖. Good bots can do amazing automated tasks like customer service. Bad bots however can mimic real user behavior and create spam and hacks on the internet. Not to worry - our reCAPTCHA addition uses an advanced risk analysis engine to keep those bad bots off your network and away from your member data 👍 

  • Enable GIFs in the note composer - We do our best to only show family-friendly GIFS but our GIFs are found through Giphy which searches the internet, so it is possible to every once in a while come across an inappropriate GIF. If you would not like to use GIFs on your network you can always skip this option. Selecting this option will allow your network to use GIFs in the note composer. Should you run into anything inappropriate, you can report it to us and it will be blacklisted on your network and never shown again! 
  • Allow group admins to search for members in your entire organization - By default, Group Admins can only see the members of the group they admin for. Sometimes they need to search for members who you already have contact information for in Flocknote. Having this checked will allow Group Admins to be able to search for members in Flocknote (using any of the contact information they have already) to add to their groups. 

For networks that have Flocknote Complete, an additional security option will be available:

  • Allow household members to add other people to their household - This will allow members to add additional members to their household which can keep your household records up to date!

If you have questions about any of these security settings, please feel free to reach out to our Happiness Engineer team at

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