Social & Sharing Features

Within every group, you'll find a Social & Sharing section. To find it, select the name of the group, click on the gray "cogwheel" icon in the top righthand corner, and then select Social & Sharing

1. Connect Facebook & Twitter

Did you know that you can set up your notes to auto-post to Facebook and/or Twitter automatically? You can pick and choose which groups to connect to social media, and also customize which notes within that group get posted.
CLICK HERE to learn how to connect these social media platforms and have your notes auto-post to them!

2. Add a Signup Form to My Website

Make it easy for your members to sign up for your Flocknote network by featuring a sign-up form right on your church website! As soon as they sign up, they'll be instantly added to your network and can join available groups.
CLICK HERE to learn how to use these embeddable sign-up forms!

3. URL 

Your Group URL will take you directly to the group you are working with if you are already logged in to Flocknote. You can share this link as a way to allow others to join this specific group. They will automatically be joined to the "Everyone" group + this group. Otherwise, you can just share the URL from the "Everyone" group. Please note that this will not appear for closed or hidden groups. This can be modified at any time via the Group Settings section (learn more about that with the articles at the bottom of the page). 

4. RSS Feed

This RSS feed will contain a list of your recently published notes for this group. You can then use the RSS Feed link to have your website auto-update using your group's RSS feed. It's another great way for people to view your important messages!  Please note that this will not appear for closed or hidden groups. 
CLICK HERE to learn more about using RSS feeds for Flocknote!

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