How do I use the RSS feed to auto-post Notes to my website?

To keep it simple, an RSS feed is a way different online programs can share information with each other. Within Flocknote, each group has its own RSS feed that you connect to the back end of your official church website (or any website you manage); this means that anytime you send a message to that group, it would auto-post those to your website. While this cannot be used on closed or hidden groups, you might consider using it for open groups like your Weekly Bulletin group, for example, or the "Everyone" group which includes general communication that you want everyone to see. 


Locate the Group Settings page for the group by clicking the group from the left-hand sidebar and then clicking the gray "cogwheel" icon in the top right-hand corner. Select Social & Sharing from the dropdown. 


The popup should slide in from the right. Scroll to the bottom to locate the RSS feed. 


Give this link to the IT person at your church or the person who manages your website. 

If you manage the website yourself, your site might already have an easy-to-use module that allows you to copy and paste this link into it and converts it for you. Each website builder is different, so we recommend contacting them directly or even giving it a quick internet search (example = "RSS feed with WordPress" or "RSS feed with Wix".

🎉 Good news for eCatholic users! If you already use eCatholic to build your website, they make linking up the RSS feed super simple. CLICK HERE to learn how!


Here's a peek at two sample RSS Feeds displaying recently sent notes, each formatted to match the styles of their churches' websites.

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