What happens when I connect my Group to Facebook or Twitter?

When you send an email or text using Flocknote, you can also publish the note to a Facebook Page or Twitter account, too! Inside of Group Settings you will find the option to connect your Group to a Facebook Page or Twitter account. You will find the option to open your Group Settings box by clicking on the name of the Group you'd like to work with from the left side of your main Flocknote page for your church or organization, and then clicking the Group Settings button that appears in the top right-hand corner of the screen (looks like a cog).

The connections to Facebook and Twitter are per group. To setup the connection, simply click the respective Connect button from the Group Settings page. This will walk you through logging into your Facebook or Twitter account and allowing access to Flocknote. At this time, Flocknote can only connect to Facebook Pages (which have likes), and not personal Facebook Accounts (which have Friends) or Facebook Groups (which have members). 

Once connected, when you are writing a note to the Group, you will have a checkbox in the note composer to also post the note to Facebook and/or Twitter.

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