What happens when I connect a group to Facebook or Twitter?

When you send an email or text using Flocknote, you can also publish the note straight to a Facebook page or Twitter account! Please note that Facebook doesn't allow the connection to personal profiles and it must be a business/organization page. 

1. Click on the name of the group from the lefthand sidebar. 
2. Select the "cogwheel icon" in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

3. Select Social & Sharing from the dropdown menu. 

4. You'll find the Facebook (dark blue) connect button and the Twitter (light blue) connect button. Simply click these buttons to start the connection process and log in to your accounts. 

5. Once connected, when you are writing a note to the group, you will have a checkbox in the  note  composer to also post the note to Facebook and/or Twitter.

Even better - when you send an email through the group connected to Facebook and/or Twitter the Facebook/Twitter icons will appear. From there your members can click those icons to go directly to your social media accounts!

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