Working with Heads of Households

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Get started quickly with this short video! Then, read on for written instructions on how to add/remove/update heads of households. If you would like to learn more about working with households in general or how to import them in bulk, click HERE!

What is the role of the head of household? 

  • Can receive receipts when batches of gifts/donations are input
  • Receives end-of-year giving receipts for their household
  • Can be easily sorted using the Filter & Bulk Action tool (Filter > Households > Is head of household, etc.)

How many heads of household can I have?

You can have an unlimited number of heads of household; i.e. technically all adult members of the family can be made heads of the household. However, once you start building a household, there needs to be at least one head of that household set at all times. 

What determines who is the head of household? 

  • If doing a bulk import of members, the head of household defaults to whoever is on the spreadsheet first for each household. Learn how to format your spreadsheet for household imports HERE
  • If you are on a member's profile, and then start adding members to their family one by one, that original profile becomes the head of household. 

How do I add additional heads of household or remove current ones? 

  1. Select the person's name from the People tab of the group they are within. 
  2. Select the dropdown arrow on the top right-hand side of their profile. 
  3. Hover over their picture (if no picture, it will be their initials) and select the gray settings button. 
  4. If they are not a head of household, you can select to make them one. If they are the head of household, you can select to remove them as such. 

You'll know you have successfully made someone a head of household when you see the crown icon beside their picture within this dropdown section on their profile: 

❌ Please note: If a household has been built, there must be at least one head of household at all times. If you are attempting to remove the only current head of household, the system will not give you the option to remove them as head of household until you have first added an additional head to take their place. Once you've added an additional head, you can return to the profile of the one you want to remove and it will allow you. 

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