What is the My Notes page?

Have you ever been looking for a Note, but can't quite remember which Group it's for? That's what the My Notes page is for! 🎉

The My Notes page is a handy place where you can see all of your Notes in one place. Here, you’ll find:

  • All of the Notes that have been sent to Groups you’re in
  • All drafts you’re working on, regardless of what Group they’re being sent to
  • All notes that you have sent to an individual (or a couple of individuals, rather than to a specific Group)

Please note: If you are a Super Admin, you’ll see a handy Show All Notes button in the upper right corner of the page. By default, the button is toggled to "off" (highlighted gray). In this standard mode, you'll see all the Notes mentioned above - those sent to groups you’re a member of, drafts you’re working on, and Notes that you have sent to an individual member. 

If you toggle Show all Notes to "on" (highlighted green), you will also be able to see all Notes sent to any Group in the entire network.

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