What are the autosaved, deleted, drafts, and scheduled folders?

Autosaved         -- because life happens and we've got your back!

Deleted              -- sometimes deleted notes deserve a second chance!

Scheduled         -- schedule your notes now to be sent at a later time!

Drafts                 -- for when you'd like to take a break and finish your note later!

Ever accidentally lost a note you were working so hard on? It's a bummer (we know). Now when you're editing in the Note Composer, we'll save the note every few seconds to prevent losing your in-progress work.  You won't be using this backup folder until you really need it like when:

  • You've accidentally exited out of the Note Composer
  • You've closed out of your browser (Safari/Chrome/etc.)
  • Your internet connection, mobile device, or computer power cuts out 

....... No matter what might happen, you can now pick up where you left off on your notes! 

You can now recover notes you've manually deleted in a jiffy! Simply click on this folder, then click on the note name to open it. Then click the 'Restore this note' button in the top right corner. Voila - that note is back in the game! 

Just a heads up! 

Notes in the Deleted folders cannot be removed on your end. They will remain in their folders for 30 days unless recovered. After that, they will 'drop off' and no longer be visible. 

This  folder holds all the notes that you've scheduled for the future that have not been published yet. These can be rescheduled or deleted at any time  before their scheduled send time. To learn how to schedule notes, click HERE

This folder includes notes that you had time to manually save as drafts by clicking the 'Save draft' button at the bottom of the Note Composer. You can take a break and come back to these notes later -- they'll be there and waiting for you when you're ready! Need to delete a draft? Learn how to do that HERE

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