What is a test group?

You may have noticed a group within your network called a  test group. This is included by default within all networks. As the name implies, this is a group for sending and receiving test messages so that you and your team can learn the Flocknote system without sending these tests to the entire church. Either you were the creator of the network, and so this test group includes your name OR you were added to this group by a fellow admin. 

Feel free to send messages to this group anytime you want to preview an email in your inbox before sending it out. You can even add a couple of fellow admins, staff members from the church, or close family and friends that you'd like feedback from. By default, this group will always be hidden but you can change the type of group, rename it, or delete it entirely. Learn how with the articles at the bottom of the page.

If you have any other questions, contact your Happiness Engineers at help@flocknote.com. :) 

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