How do STOP replies work?

This help guide is for Super Admins or Group Admins. If you are a regular member and you want to stop receiving messages from your church, check out the articles at the bottom of the page.

What does it mean when I get a STOP reply? 

When members receive your first initial note as a text, they are also sent an intro text informing them that they can reply STOP to no longer receive text messages from that group. Your member has simply opted OUT of text message notifications for that group.

Side note: We are legally obligated to keep the 'Reply STOP to at any time to stop messages from this group' script to ensure no one receives unwanted communication without being given instructions on how to opt out.

Can the word STOP have special characters? 

No, while the word STOP is not case-sensitive, it cannot have special characters (example = # ! *. @) or the system will not recognize the message and the member will not be unsubscribed from text messages for that group.

If you happen to see this (i.e. STOP!!) in a member's reply, we recommend that you manually turn off their notifications for them. Find out how HERE!

Are members who reply STOP removed from the network?

No, their text message notifications for the group that note came from are simply turned OFF, but the member is essentially still a member of the group and their contact info is still in the database. In most cases, the member wishes to stay in the group and simply prefers to receive emails.

What do I (as an Admin) need to do about it? 

Nothing -- you're all set! The system will recognize a STOP reply and automatically turn off the member's text notifications for the group that the note was coming from. Easy peasy! 

Side note: While members may have wanted to stop notifications from one group, they might still like to receive notifications from your other groups, so we do not recommend removing them from your network. However if necessary, you can learn how to do that HERE.

If a member replies STOP, are their notifications turned off for ALL groups? 

No, the text notifications are turned OFF for just that particular group that the note was coming from. If the group has any subgroups or top-level groups, the member will still be receiving notifications from those groups.

Can I see a list of all members who have opted OUT of notifications? 

While we don't have that capability just yet, it's something we're working on -- stay tuned! 

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