How do I stop texts or emails from being sent to me?

To Unsubscribe from Text Messages:

You can quickly unsubscribe from all text messages being sent to your cell phone by replying STOP to any text message you've received from your church or organization. If it's been a while since you've received a text, you can simply text STOP to 84576 if you are in the US.

To Unsubscribe from Emails:

You can quickly unsubscribe from emails from a certain group by using the 'Unsubscribe' link that is in the bottom right corner of any note. You can also login to flocknote and adjust your Notifications by selecting the purple Bell icon. You can adjust your notifications in regards to receiving emails and/or texts or choose to be removed from a group entirely. 

Once you remove yourself from a Group - you will no longer receive text messages or emails from that particular Group. 

To Unsubscribe Entirely from a Church or Organization:

Login to flocknote and adjust your Notifications by selecting the purple Bell icon. The first option is your notification settings for the entire church or organization (it will have the church or organization name listed). If you click the 'x' icon to the right, you will be removed from all groups within the church or organization's Flocknote page.

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