How do I adjust my Notification Settings (how notes are sent to me)?

One of the neat features of Flocknote is that you can control how notes are sent to you from all of the different groups you are a part of. This way, you can receive notes in the way that's most convenient for you! These settings are per group.

Steps to adjust your notification settings:

To start, log in to Flocknote. (Never logged in before? See the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page). Then, select the Notifications button (looks like a purple bell) on the left-hand side under your church or organization's name. 

Next, click on the different icons depending on how you'd like to receive notes, comments, or leave a group.

(Check the bottom of the article for what the icons mean...)

To adjust others' notifications (if you're an admin):

  1. Log in to Flocknote.
  2. Click the People tab in your desired group, then click the name of the member whose profile you'd like to adjust.
  3. Click the Groups tab.
  4. Click on the different icons depending on how that particular member prefers to hear from you.

What the buttons mean:

If the icon is blue, that means that notifications are turned ON. If the icon is grey, then notifications are turned OFF. 

NOTE: To manage the settings for multiple groups, you can click on My Info to open your profile, then click on the Groups tab and follow the steps listed above.

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