How do I create a Library module for my parishes to access?

Wait, why would I want to create a Library module for my parishes? 

Parish staff and ministry volunteers want to evangelize and should be supplying their parishioners and ministry members with beautiful, solid content. Sadly, they often don't have the resources or the time to create their own content such as a series of reflections for Lent, or a set of promotional materials for the upcoming Annual Appeal.

This is where the diocese is able to lend a hand! By leveraging Flocknote's Library feature, leaders in dioceses who are part of our Diocesan Initiative are able to supply their parish counterparts with sets of ready-made emails and text messages, so they can easily copy over and send out that Annual Appeal email, or that series of Lenten Reflection text messages, all in just a few seconds. 


Ok, how do I use it?

  1. Create a new Hidden group.

    (If needed, be sure to categorize with other Library modules using our Subgroups feature)

  2. In that new Hidden group, compose the notes you're wanting to share with your parishes.
  3. When each note is complete, save it as a draft (Do not send out the note).

  4. When the notes are all completed, email the Flocknote team at and let us know the name of the group you created the notes within and the approximate timeline you want to share them. (We'll typically be able to post them within half a business day).
  5. Once you receive confirmation from Flocknote, a module will appear in The Library with all those premade notes for each of your subnetworks to use!


Keys to Success

  1. If you need to make updates to your emails or texts for already-posted modules, simply update the content in the original group in your Parent Network. Changes will reflect automatically for your subnetworks, as soon as you click "Save"! 
  2. The name of the group in your Parent Network is what will appear in The Library for your subnetworks. Keeping the module title concise yet descriptive will increase the chances of parishes using your content.
  3. Be sure to upload a custom icon for each Library module you create. As much as Uno loves being the face of your group, your branded logo or topic-specific icon is even better!
  4. Feel free to include a topic-specific background image for each Library module when you contact Flocknote to post your Library module. If possible, background images should be monotone, to allow overlaid light or dark text to appear clearly. Images will fade to a solid color on either the bottom or the top. 
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