How do I use the Diocesan Image Picker?

Wait, what IS the Diocesan Image Picker? 

Parish staff and ministry volunteers often don't have the resources or the time to create their own graphics for things like diocese-wide events or weekly newsletters. This is where the diocese is able to lend a hand, by creating and supplying elegant, brand-consistent images for any parish to use in their emails to parishioners. Flocknote's Diocesan Image Picker allows those who are part of our  Diocesan Initiative to do just that. 


Ok, how do I use it?

  1. Create your image or series of images that you'd like to share (Note: Full-width images in Flocknote must be at least 800px wide)
  2. Email the images to the Flocknote team at, requesting that they be added to the Diocesan Image Picker.   (We'll typically be able to post them within half a business day)
  3. They'll now appear under More Images in the Email Note Composer for any of your subnetworks. That's it!

Once you receive confirmation from the Flocknote team, be sure to notify your admins that your images are available for them to use (see article below for the how-to).

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