How to Use The Library

The Library is full of pre-made, customizable content you can use for your Flocknote network anytime you want.

To find The Library, bring up your Dashboard.

Then, click the The Library link on the right-hand side of your Dashboard (see photo below).

To access a particular campaign or collection, click one of the titles under The Library. You'll be able to add one or all of a collection to any group within your network. Here's how:

To add just one draft/scheduled note to your network:

  1. After selecting a Library collection, click on your desired draft in the list underneath the collection's description
  2. When the note draft pops out, click the blue Copy this note button in the top right corner
  3. From the drop-down menu, select your desired group and click Go.
  4. The note will open as a Draft in that group -- edit to your heart's content, then save, schedule, or send!
  5. Repeat steps as needed.

To add an entire collection to your network:

  1. Select your desired collection under The Library
  2. At right, click the blue Add to my network! button
  3. Select the group to which you'd like to add the collection in the drop-down menu
  4. That's it! Your collection will be added in Scheduled or Drafts (depending on the collection) in the group you chose.

NOTE: When adding an entire collection of scheduled notes (like "Facts About Francis"), be sure to only add it once.


Have suggestions for collections we can offer in the future? Email us with "The Library" in the subject line at

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