How to Use The Library

The Library is full of pre-made, customizable content you can use for your Flocknote network anytime you want. You can select from one template at a time, or schedule a full pre-made series in just a few clicks! 🙌

To find The Library:

  • Click on My Dashboard from the lefthand sidebar.
  • Locate the navy box in the righthand corner of the page (or scroll to the bottom of the page depending on your browser's zoom settings) and click "Browse the Libary Content".

To add just one draft / scheduled note to your network:

  • Click on the desired collection. 
  • Scroll and select your desired draft in the list underneath the collection's description.
  • When the note draft pops out, click the blue Copy this note button in the right-hand corner.
  • The note will open as a draft. Add the group (or person) you plan to send the note to in the "To" field. Edit as needed and then save, schedule, or send!

To add an entire collection to your network:

  • Click on your desired collection.
  • Once the collection opens, click the blue "Add to my network!" button
  • From the dropdown menu, you can select the group you'd like that collection added to.
  • That's it! Your collection will be added in Scheduled or Drafts folders (depending on the collection) within the group you chose.

🚨  Important Note: When adding an entire collection of scheduled notes (like "14 Day Prayer Challenge") to your network, be sure to only add it once.

Also, we do not recommend adding a long series to the "Everyone" group. Instead, we highly recommend adding it to an individual group or creating a new group. This ensures that your messages only go to those that you've added to that group and/or that join and want to receive this content. Plus, if they unsubscribe, they are unsubscribing from just that group and won't miss out on your other important communications.

P.S. Have suggestions for more templates and series you'd like to see? Send an email (with "Suggestion for The Library" in the subject line) to 😎

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