How to add Word on Fire Content to Your Flocknote Network

✅Flocknote has partnered with Word on Fire to bring you ENGAGE – included FREE with the Flocknote Complete package. Using the most effective means of communication today (texting and email), you can easily evangelize, catechize, and engage your parishioners, even when they're not at Mass, through Bishop Barron's high-quality and intelligent video content.

Your parishioners will get a simple email or text message with a short, amazingly-done video to watch on a particular topic of your choice. It’s pushed directly to them via the channels they most often check and read - email or text message. They receive it during the week when it’s convenient and easy to consume. And they can even reply directly back or jump into a discussion if they’d like.

Watch the video or follow the steps below to add Word on Fire content from the Flocknote Library to add to your Flocknote and send to your members.

If you are new to Flocknote, we suggest heading over to our training videos to learn some of the Flocknote basics.

Adding your Word on Fire Mini-Courses (emails and/or texts):

  1. Click on 'My Dashboard' after logging in to Flocknote. You will then see 'The Library' where all Word on Fire content will be stored for you. 

  2. Click on a particular mini-course to see the emails and text messages that comprise the mini-course.

  3. To add the entire mini-course to a group, simply select the blue add to my network button and select a group from the list, or at the bottom, you can click to create a new group that will use the title of the course as the group name. Adding this course to your network will pre-schedule all the notes into the group you specify. Once they are added, you can edit, delete, and reschedule any of them.

  4. If you’d only like to add one note from a particular course to your group, you can simply open the note and select the ‘Copy this note’ button in the top corner and a draft of the note will open for you to edit, and save, schedule or send to a particular group.

  5. You're all set! Your members will now receive their Word on Fire emails and/or texts at the scheduled date and time.

Creating your note from scratch and adding Bishop Barron content:

The second option for sending out Bishop Barron’s content is to craft your own email or text message.

1. Click on the name of the group you want to send the note to. 

2. Click on the "envelope" icon at the top to open the email version of the Note Composer. 

3. Click the "play button" icon in the center to access the Video feature. From there, you'll see a dropdown where you can scan for the name of the video you want to include in your note. Easy peasy! 

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