How do members reply to my email and text notes?

An awesome feature of Flocknote is the ability for two-way communication between members and Admins. Keep reading and check out the VIDEO to learn the different ways members can reply to notes, both publicly and privately! 

Replying to Email Notes

1. At the bottom of every email (unless the admin unchecked the box to 'Allow public comments' when crafting the note) is a blue Reply button. If the recipient clicks that button, it will open up the note in a new page with a space on the right-hand side where they can type their response and click 'Post.' They also have the option of checking the box to mark the comment as 'private.' A private comment is only able to be viewed by admins and the author of the comment. 

2. A member can reply directly to the email via their personal email provider. This type of reply is automatically saved as a private so it is visible only by Admins. 

Replying to Text Notes

1. If you send an email note and the person receives it as a text or if you send a text note and click 'include link,' the member can click the link they are sent to open the note in their phone's browser. From there they can leave both public and private replies. 

2. Members can reply directly to text messages. These direct replies automatically saved as a private reply so it is only visible to Admins. 

For a full guide to public vs private replies, click HERE!

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