How can I be notified when there are new comments on a note?

How does someone leave a comment:

One of the really cool features of Flocknote is that anytime someone replies directly to an email or text you sent, their reply will be captured as a private comment on the original note you sent out. Private comments are only visible to admins. 

Notes also have an option to allow public replies (admins will find this option when you are writing a new note, under the "Comments" button in the bottom toolbar). This option will also add a blue Reply button to the bottom of any emails you send. This will let people to leave public replies on a note that are visible to other recipients of the note. By default, no one is sent a notification of a new comment. 

If you'd like to receive email notifications of new comments on notes from a specific group, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Flocknote and select the church or organization you are a part of (if not automatically taken to your church or organization's main page)
  2. If you are a regular member, Group Admin, or Note sender, select the Manage my notification preferences button (it looks like a purple bell) from the left-hand side under your church or organization's name. If you are a Super Admin click the 'More' button (grey with 3 white dots) and select Notifications.
  3. Click the Email me comments icon (looks like a pair of chat bubbles) for any group you want to receive these notifications from and then select the Save button.

If you are an Admin, you'll receive notifications of both public and private comments. If you are not an admin, you'll only receive notifications of public comments.

Alternatively, you can also get to these settings for a Group by selecting the Unsubscribe button that is at the bottom right hand corner of emails sent using flocknote. This will only open the Notification Settings for the particular Group the email was sent from. To manage the settings for multiple groups, you'll need to login and use the steps above.

We Couldn't Notify Someone of Your Latest Comment Notification

In some instances, we will not be able to notify someone that you replied to their comment. This may be because they have invalid contact information on file, they have unsubscribed from comment reply notifications, or from your group or network. If you believe you are receiving this notification in error, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!

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