I'm leaving my position, how do I appoint a new admin?

Whether you are starting a new position, retiring, or off to a new adventure, we've got you covered! Use these 3 easy steps to get another staff member up to speed, and keep communication running smoothly. 

Please note: the steps below are for those with Super Admin privileges. If you are a Group Admin handing over the reins for your particular ministry, ask the Super Admins at your church to assign a new Group Admin for your group.

Step 1: Add a new Super Admin (or a few!)

Select a person or several people that you would like to give Super Admin access to going forward. For more information about admin privileges click here. As a reminder, Flocknote allows you to have an unlimited number of admins, so feel free to choose as many people as you would like based on your church's needs.

  • If the person/people you would like to set as Super Admin(s) are already members of your network, use the search bar at the top of the Everyone group to pull up their member profiles. Then, click the Super Admin button to the right of their name until it's blue.
  • If the person/people you have selected are not a part of your network just yet, you can add them by going to the Everyone group and clicking the green Add a member button. Once they have been added, select the Super Admin button to the right of each member's name until it's blue. The blue button indicates that they have now been given Super Admin access and will automatically receive instructions via email on how to log in to Flocknote and get started.

Step 2:  Invite them to a Flocknote Webinar

Transitions can be busy so let us take care of training! Invite the new admins to attend one of our New Admin Webinars. They can learn the ropes in no time by attending a live webinar or by watching a recorded session.

Step 3: Remove Your Profile

Now that you have added additional admins feel free to remove yourself from the Flocknote network by clicking the remove button to the right of your profile. Or, if you would like to remain in the network as a regular member (without admin privileges) simply click the Super Admin button until it turns grey. This will remove your admin access but will still allow you to receive messages from your church or organization.

Once you have taken these 3 easy steps you are all set. Thank you for partnering with us at Flocknote! Wherever God leads you next, we are here to support you! Learn more about starting a Flocknote network at your next church or ministry here: flocknote.com

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