Working with Archived Members

Flocknote Complete

This guide showcases features available only for those subscribed to our member management software, Flocknote Complete. If you would like to learn more about these exciting features click HERE. 🎉

Have members who are no longer active but still need to be kept in your system for record-keeping purposes? No problem! You can easily archive members who will no longer be active in your account but can still be stored in the background along with all the important information on their profile. 

Archived members don't count towards your total member count, so you'll also be saving some money! 💰

How to Archive a Member

Archiving a member is easy! Simply find the member you wish to archive on the People page in your Everyone group. Then, click the Remove button next to their name.

This will remove the member from your account, but keep their profile, along with all their data, archived and safe in the background.

Viewing and Working with Archived Members

To view your archived members, simply check the Show Archived Members box at the top of your Everyone group. 

Then, any archived members will appear grayed out.

Simply click an archived member's profile to view all their data and information. You can even add new remarks, upload new documents, and add new giving information!

*Note: archived members with giving information and a valid email address on file will still be sent your EOY Donor Summaries.

After opening an archived member's profile, you can always unarchive the member if you wish to restore them as an active member or permanently delete them so they are completely removed from your account.

When using the handy Filter and Bulk Action Tool, you can select to show or hide archived members, that way your searches can include all your archived members, too!

With archived members, you can easily store all the important information you need on your members, even when they are no longer active in your account. 😎

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