How can I remove members with no contact info?

Sometimes, you might come across a few members who do not have any contact info on file. Womp womp. No worries, this FAQ walks you through how you can remove those members, so you can keep your member count and database accurate!

Using the Filter and Bulk Action Tool, you'll want to set the parameters seen below--make sure to set it as Does not have an email address and Does not have a phone number. 

(Not sure how to use the filter feature? Learn how in the related articles linked below!)

Then, click the purple Actions button, followed by Remove from Network. You're all set!

Please note: if you're using Flocknote People, you may have folks with no contact info on file, but who you're tracking remarks, documents, or other info. We'd recommend keeping those members on file! For more info about Flocknote People, click here.

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