Working with Timezones

If I schedule a note, what timezone will it be scheduled in? 

If you are the one scheduling the note, the note will be scheduled in the timezone on your profile. 

If I never set my timezone, how will the system know?

By default, all members added to a network will default to the timezone of the city and state that was listed when the network was created; i.e. the timezone of the church/organization. All members have the option to change this if needed or admins can do it for them. 

To change your timezone...

As an admin, you can simply locate your own profile or any of your members' profiles via the "People" tab of your groups. Once the profile appears, select the "Info" tab and then you'll be able to update it. 

As a regular member, you can simply click the "My Info" link at the bottom of any email you receive and it will take you directly to your profile without having to create a login. From there, you can select the "Info" tab and then update it to your preferred timezone. 

If you believe the address and/or timezone of your church/organization is not correct, simply shoot an email to with the correct info and we'll get that updated in a jiffy! 👍

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