How do regular members access the Word on Fire Digital Library?

Flocknote has partnered with Word on Fire to bring you ENGAGE – included FREE with the Flocknote Complete package. With ENGAGE you can send individual videos and mini-courses to your parishioners in outgoing messages, but that's not all! Your parishioners also have access to the complete Word on Fire Digital Library on-demand! πŸŽ‰

There are 3 easy ways for members to access the Word on Fire Digital Library:


When you send outgoing notes containing Bishop Barron videos, those videos will automatically include an easy access point for members to view the full Word on Fire Digital Library. No logins, passwords, or access codes required! Just click the orange button beneath the video and you will be automatically logged in to Word on Fire Digital.


Give your members access whenever you need to by adding a clickable button to your notes! When using the email version of the Note Composer, select the Smart Button feature and then select Visit WOF Digital from the dropdown. Voila! Any members who click that button will have instant access to the amazing video library at To learn more about Smart Buttons, check out the article at the bottom of the page.

While setting up a Flocknote login is not required for members to receive notes from their parish, if members do set up a Flocknote login, they can visit the My Dashboard page of your parish’s network and a big banner will appear with an orange button that says "Visit" Easy peasy!

πŸ”₯😎 Here's the exciting news that makes it even easier: Once your members click to view the Word on Fire Digital Library (either from the Dashboard, a Smart Button, or via one of the videos you've sent in a note), the system will recognize the device they are using for 30 days and they can visit to access those videos at any time using that same device. If it's been over 30 days since they last visited the site and/or they are using a new device, they will just want to repeat one of the steps above so the system recognizes they are a Flocknote + Word on Fire ENGAGE parishioner. 

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