What is Smart Send Time and how do I use it?

Introducing Smart Send Time 🕐

This is a brand new feature that is, well, super smart! It delivers emails at the smartest time for each recipient. This means that your emails get delivered to each recipient's inbox right before they're most likely to check them. When using this feature, all emails will be delivered within 24 hours of pressing "send." Rather than lost in the shuffle, your communications will land at the top of their inboxes. Pretty smart, right? And the great news is that it's completely FREE to all Flocknote networks. Now if only we could figure out how to get coffee delivered right before we needed it...better get back to work on that! 

When will the emails send and how do I see when they're sent? 

When using this feature, all emails will be delivered within 24 hours of pressing "send." The time of day that they are delivered will vary per person, per day, and may change with time as the system gets smarter. This means that while Lucille Ball's email is delivered at 2:00 pm on Monday this week, the next one may be delivered at 10:00 am in a few weeks as her schedule changes. Ricky Ricardo may get that same exact email delivered at 7:00 pm, even if it was originally sent at the same time. This ensures that your members are more likely to get emails at the top of their inbox at the times they are most likely to be opening your emails, even as their schedules and habits change. 

Just like always, you can review the Note Analytics (click here for more info) of each note to keep track of message delivery and engagement. 

What if I also want to "schedule" my note? 

You can still schedule your note as you normally would. Learn how to do that HERE. When using Smart Send Time with a scheduled note, all emails will be delivered within 24 hours after the date and time you've scheduled the note for. All notes will send from Flocknote at the scheduled time, but they will be delivered to your members at different times within that next 24 hour period (based on when they are most likely to be checking their Flocknote emails). 

Does this work for texts? 

No, this feature is only for e-mails and can only be enabled on the email version of the Note Composer. All texts will still be delivered immediately upon sending or at their regularly scheduled time. 

How do I enable it on my emails? 

It's super simple! Simply check the Delivery button before sending out emails and check the "Smart Send Time" box. 

Will this be automatically enabled for ALL my emails?  

No. By default, this feature will be turned OFF. You will want to enable it on each and every note; it will not save your last used setting. This is to ensure that it is used intentionally and not accidentally used on notes that are extremely time-sensitive, like emergency situations or when an immediate response is required. Instead, we recommend using this feature for your general communications and regularly occurring events.  

Please note: Smart Send Time Technology is specific to Flocknote emails and cannot monitor or store members' non-Flocknote email behavior. For our full privacy policy, click HERE.

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