Note Analytics (opens, unsubscribes, bounces, etc.)

This help guide is for Super Admins and Group Admins only. Super Admins can view analytics for all notes. Group Admins can view analytics for notes within the group they are an Admin for. Note Senders cannot view the analytics. 

To access the analytics, click to open a previously sent note from the Notes page within a group and then the percentage read in the top right corner of the note popup. The analytics provide a brief rundown of who all the note was sent to, who opened it, if any of the messages bounced, and if any text messages were sent. It's really handy as it helps you keep an eye on how your communications are doing.

  • The "reach" metric - Reach is similar to email opens, except it also includes folks who received a text message (99% of which are read).
  • The magnifying glass - Search members per note - you can directly search for a person on each note (to know if it was sent to them, opened, clicked, etc.)
  • Green opened envelope - Shows who opened the note already
  • Link icon - Link click tracking that tracks how many people click your links.
  • Dark green unopened envelope - These members received your note but not opened it (yet)
  • Unsubscribe tracking - know who unsubscribes & which note made them do it!
  • Bounces - This red tab will not appear unless emails have bounced. If notes bounce 2x, that email address will become unverified and your emails will no longer send to this recipient. For more info, check out the articles at the bottom of the page.
  • Email open timing - see what time of day people tend to open your notes.
  • Uno insights - Get friendly feedback on the performance of each note. 

Please note: If there are no bounces and/or if no members unsubscribe, then you will not see these tabs in the Note Analytics -- this is good news! 👍

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